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Star anise oil
English Name: Star anise oil
Extraction process: distillation
[plant source] this product is the volatile oil extracted by steam distillation from the fresh branches and leaves of mature Hook.f. or verum of Illicium.
[technical index]: This product is colorless or light yellow clear liquid; odor similar to star anise.
Relative density: 0.975 ~ 0.9888
Refractive index: should be 1.553 ~ 1.560
Freezing point: should be no less than 15 degrees
Optical rotation: 2 degrees to +1 degrees
Content: not less than 80% grams of trans fennel.
[use] aromatic seasoning and stomach. Mainly used in food, medicine and health care.
Storage requirements in a closed container, in a cool, dry, light place.
[packing specification] 5kg, 25kg.

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