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Name: Menthol
English Name: l-MENTHOL
[plant source] this product is Mentha haplocalyx Briq. Mint Labiatae plant fresh stems and leaves by steam distillation, freezing and recrystallization to obtain a saturated cyclic alcohol, isopropyl l-1- methyl -4- cyclohexanol -3.
[technical index]: This product is colorless needle shaped or prismatic crystal or white crystalline powder; has a special aroma of peppermint, cool and refreshing after the first taste. Ethanol solution neutral reaction.
Melting point: 42 DEG C ~ 44 C
Specific rotation: should be -49 degrees to -50 degrees
Content: This product contains menthol should be 95% ~ 105%.
[usage] used to cool oil, painkillers, dentifrices, candy, beverages, spices and other purposes.
Storage requirements in a closed container, in a cool, dry, light place.
[packing specification] 25kg.

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