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This product is a Camellia oleifera Camellia Camellia oleifera Abel or lobular Camellia Camellia meiocarpa Hu Ms. mature seeds obtained by pressing the fat oil.
[character] this product is clear yellow liquid.
This product is soluble in chloroform, ether or carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in ethanol.
The relative density at 25 C for 0.909 ~ 0.915 (Appendix VII A).
The refractive index at 25 DEG C for 1.466 ~ 1.470 (Appendix VII F).
[identify] take this product 2ml, be careful to join the new system on cold fuming nitric acid - sulfuric acid water (1:1:1) 10ml two, place a moment, the liquid junction at blue green.
[check] tung oil to take this product 3ml, petroleum ether 3ml, dissolved into the supernatant, sodium nitrite and a small amount of crystal a few drops of dilute sulfuric acid, that bubbles occur, strong shaking, static observation, oil layer should be clarified, oil and acid border nor turbid.
Cottonseed oil to take this product 5ml, test tube, carbon disulfide solution containing sulfur (1 - 100) and amyl alcohol volume 5ml mixture, the saturated salt water bath, attention slowly heated to foam (removing carbon disulfide), to stop heating the water bath boiling, red is not within 2 hours.
The acid value should be less than 3 (Appendix N).
The saponification value should be 185 ~ 196 (Appendix N).
The iodine value should be 80 ~ 88 (Appendix N).
[use] as raw material and ointment matrix for injection of tea seed oil.
[storage] shading, sealed, placed in a cool place.

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